Kahiniwalla Baby Featuring Pebbles Crochet

We are proud to introduce an exciting new line of baby accessories and toys.

Kahiniwalla Story:

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At Kahiniwalla, we believe in designing a world built on compassion, creativity, and imagination. We are committed to providing families with toys and gifts rooted in quality and design. We appreciate the importance of our actions, which is why we intentionally curate items produced ethically and sustainably with respect for the makers, the environment, and humanity. Our brand story honors each individual who touches the products we sell - from the artisans who handcraft each toy to the future leaders who play with them

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 Intentionally Designed: We care deeply about the way we source our products and run our business. Our design philosophy is built around love for the environment, humanity, and social equity. It is this passion for making the world a place filled with empathy and boundless imagination that motivates us and what we do.Made to Last: We want you to always be smiling. Delivering products that are thoughtfully designed and long-lasting is our way of showing it. Made entirely by hand using high quality natural materials, each item is truly one-of-a-kind. We hope our quirky, beautiful toys and gifts become family treasures passed down to others.

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Ethically Made: From the raw materials sourced to create each product to the artisans who handcraft it, each piece is thoughtfully made with respect for the maker and the planet. By building strong relationships over years of collaboration and sourcing directly from the makers themselves, we ensure fair wages and healthy working environments.

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