Baby Gift Ideas

Baby gift ideas

So your friends have had a baby, and you're wondering what present to get them for the infant. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking .

The most obvious baby gift choice is clothes. If you are not sure what the gender of the baby is, pick something neutral such as white, yellow or green for a gender-neutral baby gift. On the other hand, baby clothes aren't exactly an original gift, and the couple might already be well stocked with them. But you do have some unusual alternatives for baby clothes such as the diaper "cupcakes", another unique presentation that makes a whimsical newborn present.

Toys are favorite gifts, though it can be difficult to know what to get for an infant. Mobiles and other brightly colored things can be fun but if you know the color scheme the parents have chosen it helps to make a decision based on their theme. Rattles and soft toys are welcome and baby can always use a spare. Parents often appreciate getting educational baby toys and will enjoy the many days of discovery with their child.

If you are thinking more unconventionally, though, there are plenty of unique baby gift ideas to consider. Start a savings fund for the baby, prepay a baby sitter for parents' night out, choose an unusual gift for Mom or Dad such as a monogrammed diaper bag. If a christening or baptism is planned, take a look at keepsake silver gifts and accessories to make the occasion more memorable.


A gift basket or a diaper cake full of practical and fun gifts (as well as much appreciated diapers) can make it easier and a bit more special to give several related or accessorized items than trying to think of just one unique baby gift.

A short list of simple ideas: Photo frames, photo albums, anything with baby's name or monogram, bibs and blankets, snuggler blankies, or consider starting a collection such as the Bearington Bears, books, collectibles.

With all the focus on gifts for baby, siblings could feel a little left out, so a gesture such as a big sister or big brother gift will spotlight their new status in the family and help them welcome the latest arrival with pride.